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“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” – Oscar Wilde



March 7 2008 – November 8 2015


Trash Tuesday #107: Where Getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic


Let’s here it for one last Trash Tuesday. Late 80’s? Before areas like Fontana gave way to massive development, Mr V. used to take the ‘Editor’ on side trips to the city dump. Kismit.

Before that, the ‘Editor’ on her way home from school, spent many happy afternoons raiding the dumpster behind Pier One Imports. This compulsion for ‘cast offs’ has deep roots. I see the beauty in orphans.

We Interrupt Our Regular Programing


As much as I enjoy sharing my watercolor bravado, I have other things that need my attention. And the dog days of August (which on the west coast include both August, September AND the first two weeks of October) kind of mess with my desire to hang out with Mr Sunshine and lay down color. So I’ve turned to my studio, with it’s blessed AC unit. One that looks a lot like that robot in Lost in Space.

Plus I don’t really feel like writing.

My head is just in a different space: cats, horses, and House. One is clay, one involves vector files and both performed to the beat of a House M.D. marathon. Lots of barfing. Currently House is in prison. He’s also cute. That’s him on the screen. The tall one. That’s a cat in the foreground. I’ll be adding ears to the head. After I’m done with the head and hula hoop torso, the base will be constructed. It’ll resemble a topographic map. This is my fourth ‘cat’ sculpture.

The Artist residency is still up in the air. Though I’ve volunteered to help with the one year anniversary event for the San Gabriel Mountain’s National Monument recognition. And I plan to donate work for a future show benefiting the range. In Andean shamanism mountains are sacred. They call them Apus. An Estrella is the spirit of an Apu. The call to the shamanic path means being summoned by an Estrella through an outward manifestation. So I’m calling the residency proof of my Estrella. And Ritalin my coca leaf.

Back to work

Mahafaly tomb sculptures near Tulear, Southern Madagascar



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