Eve Cockcroft: Compton’s Line Runs Blue

by Pasadena Adjacent




Eva Cockcroft, was a Los Angeles muralist who died in 1999 at the age of 62. She often addressed social themes in her work. Cockcroft was also a widely published critic with a commitment to political art. Cockcroft cowrote Toward a People’s Art: The Contemporary Mural Movement, first published in 1972 and reissued in 1998.

I remember when she was working on the Compton station. She feared that she had exceded the budget and would be stuck paying for it out of pocket. I think she did overextend herself but maybe it was meant to be.  I believe she sang her swan song in Compton. The last time I saw Eve, we were both competing for a project at a small Hollywood theater.  We both lost the commission to the “Third Man”.