Hiking With Mary, Thinking of Mary Lyne, Running From Mary Kathleen O’Looney

by Pasadena Adjacent

I don’t know the name of this flower but maybe you do.  It has beautiful big fleshy heart shaped leaves that you can root. It was handed over to me from Mary Lyne (not to be confused with hiking Mary who gave me six bottles of wine or Mary Kathleen O’Looney who stole five of them) After Mary Lyne’s husband Frank died, she sold their eclectic rambling San Pedro home and moved back to Saskatchewan Canada. The new owners slapped the gracious rambler with a “Home Depot makeover”. A top to bottom varnish of “dull”. I saved the plant before all was lost to mediocrity. That makes me a heroine

Mary Lyne comes south for the winter. She shares an abode with her sister at the Art Linkletter Mobile Estates in Palm Desert. Like Mary Lyne, Mr. Linkletter is also from Canada: Moose Jaw Saskatchewan to be exact. Linkletter’s daughter Diane (not to be confused with a prominent member of the tea party) committed suicide in 1969, allegedly under the influence of LSD (the story that Art maintains). An autopsy revealed no drugs in Diane’s system, but that didn’t stop the “killed by LSD” story. Ah the circle of life!

Hats off to Vanda at Toadberry for proper plant identification Hoya-Kerrii, not to be confused with Hari Kari