CSI: No More Mickey Finns on the Fifth Floor! page 13

by Pasadena Adjacent


Me and the phantom fetus “Moon” are skippin the wooden kimona. That’s right, you heard me…We got plans…BIG plans. 


I’ve gone “clear” now. Gotten rid of my demonic associations (changed a six to an eight: thank you Ben), painted my nails “Jungle Red” and  been excised of my engrams. I’m “On the Road” Jack  and I might not come back, Broooom Brooom I’m taking the “Sunset Strip” east and headed in the direction of the Zittel Test Site.  A secret location where I’ve been granted asylum (thank you aid and abettor Black Bumper Mennonite Ben) You’ll not find me on one of the Zittelite’s floating Icebergs