Winter Solstice Atop the Verdugos

by Pasadena Adjacent


The Verdugo’s backbone on the South/West end of the mountain range


Panorama: San Gabriel, San Rafael and Santa Monica Mountains


Looking down into the Burbank grid.  In the mid-distance is the Hollywood Reservoir and downtown Los Angeles in the far distance.

The Verdugos are half the height of the San Gabriels, lack Yak, and are completely encircled by urbanity. On December 21st it’s my tradition to make this hike.  The sun on it’s western most trek, sets on the flat ocean horizon behind the Santa Monica Bay. Sorry, can’t prove it here. Unfortunately it was a smog/fog filled solstice this year. But it’s not to late to see for yourself. Two weeks on either side of December 21st works. I wonder if Mike still loves Nancy? The young can be so fickle.

if you want to understand the “Mike and Nancy” reference, your going to have to watch the video:  pfft!