Terminal Envy Tour: Come Visit My Dream Home

by Pasadena Adjacent



I’m on another one of my “Cross Town Flights of Fancy” and once again, I’m wearing my heart on my ass. This is my dream home and that carpet bagger Norma Tanega is occupying it. She’s quick with the stink eye whenever she catches me traipsing (trespassing is such an ugly word) about her (my) abode. I’ve been told she gives tours but I fear if I was to show up she might call the police (but it wouldn’t stop me: you can thank Ramona’s DNA for that).

O.K. back to my fabulous dream home whose origins I’m uncertain of. I’ve made some calls but confess to a less then stelar effort on my part, but between you and me, I believe it was built by a ceramicist.  Over time it’s had the misfortune to find itself crowded in by a sea of McMansions. Minus the ugly neighbors, I’d say this homes got it all. The perfect mix of clean line modernism (in the style of Rudolph Schindler whom I prefer over Nuetra) and a dash of rock hound funk.  Irving Gill was the architect who first used tilt up walls. Old style tilt-ups are recognizable by the wood plank impressions left in the wall surface. They’re here too.

I mean come on…who names a boy Sue or a cat Dog? Run Norma run!