Trash Tuesday #17: Where Getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent


Commentor/Cousin D left a shameless plea to be a guest on my weekly Trash Tuesday series. We’re blood so I guess I feel obligated to give in. Here’s D’s e-mail

“My salute to George Bush using not so subtle symbolism. Talk about a Trash Tuesday! This is a poor quality picture of a cup which was broken accidentally. The date shown is the last day of his presidency (hooray) and the blurry words below it say just that. I got the idea a few days after it broke to fish it out of the garbage and make a “museum” type of mounting for the shards. Actually it only broke in two large pieces and I took a hammer to it to make it more representational of the condition George left the country in. Let’s not beat around the BUSH here, I think it would make a great photo for inauguration day on your blog (which coincidentally is a Trash Tue).  Becky is getting this little memento as a surprise inauguration day present. Yes, I do have quite the nerve to present you with a poor quality picture and make this outrageous proposition. Use it if you want.”

(Like I had a choice)