Ye Ole Switcheroo: From Pizza to Pita to Pita to Pepperoni

by Pasadena Adjacent


Here in the San Gabriel Valley, much like our residential housing, commercial architecture is guilty of a certain degree of elasticity. This generally bothers New Yorkers and the French, but not Germans (or me). Can you guess the origins of the above Ye Ole Persian Palace?

Sherwood Johnson, the founder of Shakeys, was nicknamed Shakey due to the after-effects from a bout of Malaria he suffered during WWII.  Billy Bob Thorton despite his phobia of antiques, managed the Culver City Shakey’s Pizza Parlor on Washington Blvd. Frank Zappa paid tribute to Shakey’s with the lyrics to his song “The Blue Light”

Sometimes you’ll go to a pizza place
You go to Sharkey’s to get that
American kind of pizza
That has the ugly, waxey, fake yellow kind
Of yellow Cheese on the top…

That clever Frankfurter! but what Frank fails to mention in his ode to Shakey’s is that October is National Pizza month in the US.  While we’re on the topic how about a shout out for America’s favorite topping? What’s that you ask?..none other then that delightful pig product we call “Pepperoni”.  Did you know 350 pieces of our “humble pie” are consumed per minute with 33% of those slices covered in pork products (more if you count sausage and ham). That’s a whole lot of bacon. Although our favorite pie may be humble, I’m not. I was born in the year of the pig.

No offense taken