Elysian Park: Another Nice Place

by Pasadena Adjacent


If you were to think about taking a hike, Elysian Park would probably not come to mind. Let me ask you this, have you ever wondered about whats up in those hills lining interstate 5 near downtown? Because I’m ever so hip I’m letting you in on it. Trails, views, palms, horses, the Los Angeles Police Academy and artist . I’ve put in a map with the hike I took for this post. Avoid the southern edge above Academy road. It’s not dangerous but it is a gay latino pick up scene (parked cars, tight pants, shaking bushes). This is the north west end of the park. It goes up on a ridge that looks toward the Hollywood sign to your left and down on Frog Town and Taylor yard (video) to your right.

The Sculpture on the hill is by artist Peter Shire