Trash Tuesday #24: Where Getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent


Dearest herbivores, won’t you please come out from behind the palms? Honestly, I could use a little help with the grass


The above two vintage lawn chairs were placed on the curb by my neighbor Senor Rojos back when I lived at 571 S. Arizona Ave in East Los Angeles. The house I shared, measured a whopping 420 square feet. It was a little oasis when I lived there. Unfortunately, my landlords died within a week of each other (elderly circus people) and this fellow Albert bought it. Albert’s sister was murdered by her boyfriend. Albert took his rage out on my plants. While I was off painting the Bee murals he came in and mowed down every plant (this was in springtime) even the parkway plants. I left soon after. He later cut down the two remaining trees, covered over the windows and stuccoed the clapboard. The only plant I can see that he left is the butchered Laurel Leaf. Depressing. I may not have been able to protect my oasis but I kept the chairs. Re-paint them and I’ll give you a pony.

Congratulations to our local blogger friend Tash from Palos Verdes Daily photo was recently reviewed online (check it out here)

“Herbivores” by Jaun Erlich