Come All Ye Faithful: to an opening

by Pasadena Adjacent


I have regrets, maybe a few sins here and there. What I no longer have is my “Christains Under Construction” album and cover jacket. More importantly the cover (true confessions: I never played it). It depicted a group of soapy clean young men and women separated by sex, gingham and coveralls. Smiling sweetly for the camera, they were staggered across the wood framing of a house “under construction.” What a concept! Get ready for another concept, a show based on religious album covers. Isn’t this cover a stunner? It could be from Don Bolles collection. He was the drummer for the Germs.

Curator Kieran Sala says “These people tried so hard to be hip and cool that they came off seeming incredibly square. We’re not trying to embarrass Christians or anyone else, but judging from these album covers, their quest to save souls was often stronger than their proficiency in visual arts.”

Tonights opening is at Synchronicity Space/ 4306 Melrose Ave./ 7-11/ Film Screenings.Live Music.Auction.Ventriloquists