Trash Tuesday #25: Where Getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent


Another treasure from the dregs of the desert; lovely Lancaster California. I’m presenting my wee Packard automobile on Trash Tuesday for no other reason then it still retains a touch of green paint, therefore coinciding with Saint Patrick’s day. What I’m truly proud of is the staging. That shamrock-esque clover is called “dichondra”.

If your old enough and you grew up around Los Angeles you probably remember dichondra lawns. Once upon a time, suburban dads had to learn the science of lawn care. It was a serious business. Spring wasn’t necessarily about the aromatic promise of Mock Orange but the regularity of lawns covered in DDT enriched fertilizers. We lacked squirrels and red tailed hawks, but we had luxuriant GREEN lawns. Here’s the thing, bees are dying in my light fixtures while dichondra has started showing up in the crevices of my yard. Did I mention the tiny t that takes over my studio while I sleep? tick tick tick tick

The other tiny t starring a marshmallow