Trash Tuesday #26: Where Getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent


These are twelve separate paintings I’ve put together. They were produced in the year 1965 by students attending Bakersfield Junior College. The student names (Miller, McAlister, Wilson) make me think they must have been the sons and daughters of the Dust Bowl. This work is the result of a two-dimensional design assignment. You choose two complimentary colors and with the addition of white, you create variations and repetitions. The students glued their design icon on the back of the illustration board as seen in the first photograph. The imagery reflects a 60’s sensibility: owls, bugs and mushrooms. The reason I have them is that my commentor friend “rabbit” accepted a position in the Bakersfield junior college art department. As she prepared her classroom she started throwing out boxes of stuff left behind. She was preparing to throw these out when she thought of me. It was a good call for I do adore them. Did I mention rabbits commute was between Altadena and Bakersfield? She took another position and now her commute is much shorter and her students less interesting.