The Faraway Adjacent: From Above It Looks Like A Horse’s Head

by Pasadena Adjacent



I have a special fondness for architectural maquettes. Ideas transformed into snow white 3-d likenesses. For me, these spare creations of foam core and balsa wood often appear as an end in themselves. Not all models make it to the zip code stage. The one above by architect and former Olympian Wojciech Zablochi did. I find it a very different kind of maquette.

It represents the Latakia Sports Center in Northern Syria and the birthplace of my last dentist who I found through the Pasadena Penny Saver. Cleaning, x-rays and consultation for $40.00 with coupon. A brief on Latakia: It’s was once the favorite vacation spot for Osama Bin Laden, ancestrial lands of the religious minority sect called Alawite and home to the Assad family.