Trash Tuesday #27: Where Getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent


Behold the Competition


This is what I’m up against. Two of them within spitting distance of me. Bigger trucks and better hauls. Manning one of these carriages is considered a rise in status amongst the scavanger set. You start off with a humble shopping cart in search of aluminum cans. If your a success, you graduate to the hard stuff; big bulk items. I took these photos on the fly. I wouldn’t want the competition to know I was keeping score. Yeah right, save your fury. Admit it, you’d break all laws of man and god to make sure your not behind one of these gassy chariots. I’ve seen you do it.

Mr V refers to them as a “Chee-wah-weed-ah-wagon bumpity bump”; based on the Slim Gaillard’s 1933 classic “Cement Mixer Put-Ti Put-Ti”  So next time you find yourself behind a Chee-wah-wagon sing along with Slim: and quit blowing your horn at me you mother %$#@&*s