Trash Tuesday #30: Where Getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent


Translation: Lucky Pasadena Adjacent


If you’ve ever wondered about those trucks in the Pasadena Adjacent header; they belong to the city of Los Angeles. At the time of the photograph they were straight off the factory floor. To placate the men and one woman city “sanitation engineers” (who seemed to think the rest of our public art project was coming straight out of their paychecks) we painted this mural adjacent to where they fill up their gas tanks. Of course “hell hath no furry” like the working class. Now they aggressively pursued us as to what identification number we were planning to paint on the truck. At this point #666 seemed appropriate but then I came up with a solution; want your number? buy it off us. Turns out cheap trumps ego.

On a high note: I did develop a certain camaraderie with employee Robert whom I affectionately refer to as “dead animal pick up guy”