Trash Tuesday #32: Where Getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent



This might be stretching the concept of trash and treasure but be prepared because there is a point to be made here; or then again maybe not. In this case I picked up a shard of glass and used it as a tool to add interest to what otherwise might end up falling into the photographic camp of a million Eifel Tower shots. The suicide prevention rail you see in the reflected image is a somewhat recent addition to the bridge and considering the times, a precautionary one.

A little history/a little anecdote; The first bridge tragedy wasn’t a suicide. It occurred during construction when a fellow took a nose dive into the fast setting concrete. They left him in place and it’s said he’s one of the bridge’s regular spooks. Only one survivor is on record. I did a site specific installation underneath the bridge based on her story. The show’s title was” Trail Markers” produced  through NewTown Arts. The truth is I crashed the show by installing my set up in the dead of night. New Town’s director, Richard Amromin admired my chutzpah (and the piece). Hell, he even gave me an honorarium. Not all the participants approved. You might say I was awarded for circumventing the system. Another for the record: The bridge’s engineers circumvented the unstable bedrock of the arroyo by adding a curve to the bridge. This improved the esthetics and it wasn’t cheap.

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