Olafur Eliasson: Still Feeling Prismatic

by Pasadena Adjacent




If you’ve heard of the Icelandic Dane Olafur Eliasson it’s probably because he did the temporary and controversial installation of three waterfalls under the Brooklyne Bridge. Sploosh! Heres goes the rest of the story. Olafur was in Pasadena back in 2005. I know because I attended the opening and took these photos. Enlarge the top photo and you might recognize the Pasadena skyline. The exhibition took place inside the Jamie residence, near what I refer to as the the unholy trinity of bad design; just my opinion. The project’s name, “West of Rome” and the window art is entitled “Today I am Feeling Prismatic”

Update: Olafur Eliasson is still feeling prismatic, eyeing the sun, and bringing it to those who need it most. You can buy one for yourself, and help defray costs for someone in need.