Off My Tracks

by Pasadena Adjacent


MVI_5360, originally uploaded by Access Palm 2009.

I may not be willing to attend my own high school reunion but that won’t stop me from attending yours. Last night I celebrated with the other Titans; the Rolling Hills High Class of 77. And why wouldn’t I? I don’t have to engage in a pre-reunion diet nor impress you with my success or lack thereof. Then there’s the touchy subject of the children I didn’t have (with the man I didn’t marry), kids who in turn didn’t disappoint me by going to State college or worse yet; Europe. Another plus, I don’t need a respectable address, can drink and act the fool and and then leave early. Works for me. The event took place at the Shriver estate in one of the earliest gated communities around; Portugugese Bend in Palos Verdes. Seems that surfers who grow up on estates don’t leave home. Instead they ditch the horses and turn the tack room into an art studio. They also continue to play in garage bands. So for a little while….“Lets Stop the World and Melt with Them.”The peacocks on Pomegranate Lane can make their own introductions. In the meantime can you take a minute to help me find Mr V?