Daffodil “Down and Art”

by Pasadena Adjacent


Approximately 200 air raid sirens were constructed to serve Los Angeles county during WWII and on through the cold war. As we continued to practice “duck, cover and roll” our city continued to test the sirens on the last Friday of every month. The city discontinued the practice sometime in the 80’s but chose not to dismantle the sirens because of cost. Artist Michael Tansey managed to symbolically beat swords into plowshares by visually transforming one of the sirens into a yellow daffodil (I plagiarized that last sentence). “Daffodil Metamorphosis” had a good run as a gateway marker to the South Park area of downtown until it got in the way of expansion (first photo). In 2007 it was relocated. Now it’s hidden among trees in a burm next to a Pasadena Freeway on-ramp. You won’t notice it

Here’s a recording of the Chrysler air raide siren (it starts slow but it eventually builds up a head of steam). The Chrysler “Big Green” served as our cities biggest sirens; atop city hall and Mount Wilson(?).

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