On the Way to Lake Piru

by Pasadena Adjacent



Take a seat please, Jesus will be right with you

MVI_5436, originally uploaded by Access Palm 2009.

Mr V. and I usually spend our Sunday afternoons cruising the adjacents for adventure on the cheap. During the worst of the recent heat wave I pulled out my maps in search of a body of water. I was well aware of Pyramid lake having passed it often on Interstate 5. But Lake Piru was unfamiliar and thus more inviting. Being inland dwellers in need of refreshment, last Sunday we headed off in the direction of that mysterious tub of H2O. Once we pulled off the road for “old town” Piru, I caught a flash of color. Turns out that hiding behind a ranch-ette housing animal film actors, is a fabulous mural. Fresh and graffiti free mind you, and now a Wee Video Production! The bird is either a California condor or a golden eagle. I did see a condor dining on road kill but I wasn’t swift enough to catch him on film.

More on the location of the “Sacred Heart of Jesus” mural in a future post. Till then, don’t those angels remind you of Henry Darger‘s Vivian girls? Like him or hate him, his work seems to have influenced an entire generation of contemporary artist.