Leaving L-o-v-e(ly) Lake Piru

by Pasadena Adjacent


again_sm_01select to marvel at enlarged tile niches

Sister Wendy responds

You Americans are such a queer lot. From the appearance of your insepid comments, you’re rather daft as well!

America has the good fortune to possess some of the greatest “lack of sophistication” in all the world and yet those of you blessed to have been educated in Ivy league schools, speak passable French and carry a degree in literature, can’t bother to look for deeper meaning in the visual efforts of low wage earners?

Must I explain ALL to you?

and to began with…whats with this issue of pink? Secondly where is Chef King Walter’s intervention in this intellectual fiasco?

Panel #1: our beloved lord is being nailed by tools that are kept in a tool box that looks just like Mr. Vs. Is that a ribbon of 21st century caution tape placed in front of our suffering lord?

Panel #4: our lord offers Veronica, not the sweat of his brow, but a full color rendering of his visage. Is this not the very scene that will launch a endless series of holograms suitable for framing?

Panel #6: the erudite and state educated PA tried to point you towards Mary’s head sprouting forth from her left shoulder, but did you even bother to look? And what about the deranged perspective on the Roman soldier’s leg? Is it in front of the horses foreleg? and the horse is a bit odd don’t you think?

……and why are the panels represented out of order? Where are the missing three stations?

To participant D: I’m giving you a c minus for having mentioned the panels. The rest of you are a severe disappointment!. Never fear, redemption is near. Return (the panels have now been numbered for your lazy viewing needs) and review.