Offramp Gallery: On the Grid

by Pasadena Adjacent

Mark Steven Greenfield “Othello’s Ghost”



Vodpod videos no longer available.


Offramp Gallery is turning out to be my favorite local gallery. In brief, the owners purchased a freeway off-ramp adjacent property a tad south of Pasadena’s Muir High school. The previous owner built a beautiful open studio space that new owner Jane Chafin has turned into a gallery. It’s worth noting that Offramp is part of a trio of local galleries that include Project_210 and  Haus. This is the work of artist Mark Steven Greenfield whose art was recently featured at the gallery.

Do visit. The art is swell, the owners unpretentious and the patio is a sparkly wondrous delight.

Deepak Acharya has done a feature on the Indian Art Expo 2009 Visit!