Trash Tuesday #44: Where Getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent



I can’t tell you what Trash Tuesday #44 is exactly, but I can tell you it’s part of a pair. I suspect it’s ancestry is Japanese due to the grills “brick” pattern, the blue tinted steel plus where I found it. Curbside at that lovely Green and Green look alike craftsman on the north/east corner of Arroyo Blvd adjacent to the La Loma Street Bridge. It was part of a spectacular haul (a backyard cleanup?) but I had to take a deeply regretted pass on most of it. See, I came across this “slice of heaven” on a night walk and (she stifles a tear) had left my truck up in the Highlands. With limitations placed on me, I was forced into being selective. Why? because anything I fancied I’d have to drag under the bridge and hide. I think I chose well. When I returned with the truck, the curb had been picked over (which I was expecting). Fast forward to now; one grill I use on my bar-b-que and this one I keep for show.