Studio Visit: Exterior

by Pasadena Adjacent

Welcome friends! allow me to take you on a tour of the studio. Lets head up to the roof so I can show you a less familiar view of Los Angeles.

out_sm_01 copy

Here’s to our endless summer. We start out by looking south/east towards the water towers. They belong to the fair city of Vernon. Vernon daily photo blog ?? – NOT – Farmer John’s meat processing plant?? -YES! When the sky is white and the air is perfectly still, the sweet stench of blood is inescapable.

Looking east are the RR tracks and beyond that, the LA flood channel (euphemistically refered to as the Los Angeles River). You’ll need a misquito net to live here. The expanse of undeveloped land?  A case of NIMBY. Cleared and slated to be a prison; the nearby mamacita’s of East LA said “No Way Jose! not another one!!” Beyond the empty tract is “little” Sears Tower. Looking north/west we see a one story building that serves as a strip club. My final zoom shot is of downtown proper. What you didn’t see on my 180 degree Wee Video tour is a view of the south/west; so heres a peek. Thats the Alameda Corridor.

Next stop….the interior