Ghost of Fires Past: 9-23-1993

by Pasadena Adjacent



I was walking in one of our more familiar canyons and decided to take what I thought would probably turn out to be a dead end trail. It’s fair to say that sometimes you can see heartbreak coming a mile away and sometimes it’s just around the corner. Do you remember the Kinneloa fires of 1993? I do and I’m not the only one. The native sumac and buckeye have returned. So have members of camp 9 who created a monument to those fallen members of crew 2-2.


This tribute is kept rolled up and tucked into the arm of the cross. It says ” To Chris and Art’s Family: We honor you this season by being ever mindful of your loss. We will remember the lessons learned as we go into battle”   Camp 9 2007


This is where it happened.

This is what they were trying to defend Glen Allen Lane.

The homes that were lost here have been rebuilt. I don’t really get that.

This is a link to the “after effect” of the Station Fire