Downey and Out in Cudahy

by Pasadena Adjacent


MVI_6161, originally uploaded by Access Palm 2009.

 That’s Manny in his tiny Cudahy studio. He’s a 90 year old potter whose got one glass eye and is legally blind in the other (something he revealed to us after we hired him). Manny is throwing a series of forms on the wheel which we plan to connect “end to end” to form the above fire hose nozzle.  It’s a complicated process involving a four way communication system. Alphonso, who provides narration on my wee video, works out the measurements with me and Mr V. Then with calipers in hand, Alphonso translates in spanish the measurement to blind Manny who works by feel.

Another thing, when Mr V brought up the subject of the great Mexican muralists, Manny chose to tell us the story of his mother. It seems as a young girl she was out fetching water for her families rural mountain restaurant (and this is where the story gets a little fuzzy). Supposedly she went off with or was abducted by Diego Rivera’s brother. When she returned pregnant, the family refused to recognize brother Rivera’s name. That makes Manny the unrecognized nephew of Diego Rivera.


Manny gave me this vase.