Trash Tuesday #45: Where Getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent



When I’m on deadline it’s not unusual for certain activities to fall by the wayside. Example: When I run out of cat food….the cats start living off my expensive albacore tuna. Recently personal hygiene took a hit when I ran out of shampoo. Half measures availed us nothing something; in my case a big ass bottle of Caballino’s Mane, Tail and Body shampoo. I’m not unfamiliar with such products. That’s my beloved horse Nee Sha Sha with Ramona down at the Arroyo Seco Stables. Keeping her coat white was an obsession for me. Did I hear someone mention Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing? The shampoo was left behind when our studio neighbors fled in the night. What were they doing with it? Don’t ask don’t tell.