Studio Visit: Interruptous Part II

by Pasadena Adjacent

My studio visit series was abruptly cancelled due to the “Station Fire” Now lets get back to the business at hand…ME and MY life.


Where’s your 866 – 72 – DADDY ?  is he looking for you here?

MVI_6437, originally uploaded by Access Palm 2009.


On our first studio visit I showed you the rooftop view of the surrounding area (Vernon, Strip Joint, Sears Tower, Slaughter House). Remember?

Studio Visit: Part II takes you on a drive to the land of our creative entrapment. My Wee video has us cruising the slow curving Mateo/Santa Fe offramp. Best view in town. That’s the LA River, the 7th Street Bridge with Downtown Oz and the San Gabriel mountains in the distance. Traveling side streets you might catch sight of the signifier and the signified. Some things may appear out of context through your rear view mirror.