Trash Tuesday #47: Where Getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent



Lets briefly return to my future business venture discussed in Trash Tuesday #46. I thought it wise to toast to my new herbal enlightenment by bringing back a box of unused Mikasa “set of 8 etched glass all purpose stemware” also left behind by the previous studio tenants. But before I start off in a new business direction, I need to finish up the Westchester project. To that end I’m using my newly acquired fine stemware to separate my mosaic tiles as I put together the sculptural element that will be placedinside this I-Beam.Remember 90 year oldManny the potter?That’s the finished product (fire hose nozzle)…Black Mountain cone ten with iron oxide. More when it’s finished.

Next stop…. Westchester “Research and Development”