Trash Tuesday #50: Where Getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent


The moment you confess your love, you know that this day awaits. 11/02/09

In my world cats mark the passing of time. I can tell you what was happening when they came into my life and what was happening when they left. Ti Ling was a young Siamese cat who showed up at the Lacy Street Shelter back in September of 1988. The newly built shelter replaced the Anne Street Shelter which had been destroyed in the Whittier earthquake. This site also marked my first public art commission (now destroyed) as well as my artistic partnership with Mr V. An interesting career beginning and I have the stories to back it up; more on that in a bit. I walked into the shelter that morning, caught site of Ti Ling and immediately laid claim to her. That afternoon I surprised Ramona with her new birthday gift. Ramona was none to happy. I also knew it would pass. Looking for something asian sounding, mom made up the name Ti Ling. It was a good call since it turns out that Ling means “compassion and understanding” in Chinese. Ti Ling was a lover. Extremely adaptable, she never fought with other cats and moved into the niche that my father left with his passing.

What does this have to do with Trash Tuesday? The baby blanket. I found it curbside on a walk through South Pasadena. It seemed a good choice.

About those shelter stories…Anyone remember the “Great Burmese Give Away” fiasco? A little German woman (one time cat breeder of Siamese and Burmese cats) had 50 plus descendants from her original breeding stock holed up in her east Hollywood apartment. The cats were confiscated and brought to the shelter. They were “old style” and the most beautiful cats I’d ever seen. Every day the little German woman would come to visit her cats (they were in quarantine). Afterwards she’d come out and yell at me over and over again “get me a cab!!”while I painted. The situation was eventually plastered all over the local news and people were lined up the next day to adopt them. That “next day” the shelter pulled up the red carpet when the younger cats started breaking out in sniffles. Outside a few of the older cats, they euthanized the entire lot. I managed to use my newly acquired power to get two of the older cats into the hands of a friend. They would later come down with the same “said” sniffles. It was nothing more then a upper respitory illness easily treated with antibiotics.

Feeling kind of bummed out? come sit next to me.