Trespass Tuesday: Where “Getting One Over” is Part of the Appeal

by Pasadena Adjacent

MVI_7094, originally uploaded by Access Palm 2009.

Don’t have ten million to purchase this Marston, Van Pelt and Maybury manse?  Find a yearly visit to the Pasadena Show Case House not your cup of tea? (and what is it with those inferior/interior designers and their stitched together, room by room, horror show?) I’ll tell you what…(abandoned to a soft market); this semi-feral, secret garden al fresco dinning opportunity! And thats where my Gourmiss friend comes in. After consulting with her “over the barricades” search team of one, a location was selected, maps drawn, a time chosen and several under employed criminal participants were organized into car pools.

So how does this event relate to our usual “Trash Tuesday” post? On several past Trash Tuesdays I’ve featuredlawn furniture found curbside. Now that they’re all dipped and primed I found myself stymied over choosing colors. Always tasteful and color coordinated, the Gourmiss brought along her matching cutlery and dish ware. I arranged them together along with her napkin. I could call it an “ah hah” moment but that would be thinking within the box.