Trash Tuesday #56: Where Debris and Carbon Turn the Rivers Black

by Pasadena Adjacent

Come Join us here at Pasadena Adjacent as we receive a V.I.P. tour of  another concrete wonder. The guardians of this discrete structure atop Devil’s Gate Dam in Pasadena, employ the  gears and levers that stand between you and me in keeping the flow of our river under control. Considering the amount of ash descending from our toasted mountain range and the series of storms headed our way; they will be kept busy.

MVI_0038, originally uploaded by Access Palm 2009.

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MVI_0064, originally uploaded by Access Palm 2009.

This is a view of the river downstream from the dam

This view is why the dam’s named after the devil

This is another view

This is a view of how the dam appears today

This is Greg Sweet’s view as to why it’s black

Interesting to note: According to Aleister Crowley, encoded within The Sacred Text of Thelma, is the revelation that this very location houses one of the seven portals leading to hell.