by Pasadena Adjacent

Trouble(ed), originally uploaded by Access Palm 2009.

While we’re between showers I’d like to take a break from the rain and “Concrete Wonders” to introduce you to my new boyfriend. Having walked the “Green Mile”  with four cats in less then three years, it was time for a replacement. But what about “Peoples you ask? The way I see it, Peoples is just domesticated enough to be a financial burden and feral enough to be bad company.

Having said that, allow me to explain my acceptance and deliverance process. When I bring a cat into a shelter, I go to the Pasadena Humane Society. When I want to take a cat out of a shelter, I go to the San Gabriel Humane Society. Introducing our replacement… we’ve named him True. Whoever had him last shoved him through the mail slot of the SG shelter. I selected him from the crowd and Ramona approved the choice. He’ll live with her until “her” is no longer, and then he’ll join my tribe.

If you’ve not been to the San Gabriel Animal Shelter lately…let me just say this place has improved greatly . The cats are kept in warm rooms divided by sex, age and socialization. They get a ton of volunteer help from adults, high school kids and the folks over at Foothill Veterinary Clinic. For a mere 99 bucks we came home with a cat that was micro chipped, FeLV tested, vaccinated and altered.

We simply adore our ginger boy