Jesus to Jurassic: A Hole in One

by Pasadena Adjacent

There’s more to Apple Valley then a stuffed palomino. Fellow travelers, if we truly wish to score a hole in one, we must trudge further back on the evolutionary scale. Beyond the sands of the “Last Supper” to a time and place where the Jurassic and commerce once met. Unsuccessfully.

Yes indeed, to the  “Crumbling Concrete Wonders” a wastin away under a desert sun. Visionary Lonnie Coffman’s 1970’s stone age dream was to create a miniature golf course on the edge of a tumble weed wilderness. Assisting him in his vision was Air Force serviceman and Coffman’s tenant Gregory L. Wicker, who provided labor in exchange for rent

The sad reality of the “Jurassic Putt and Duck” was that Lonnie never got to see a dime off his investment; and this folks makes it art.

Alas, what could have been (enlarge)

and back again to “what is” (currently a bee-hive)

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