Heigh Ho, Safari-O, a Hunting We Will Go

by Pasadena Adjacent

Wearing one’s colors, red (Bloods) blue (Crips) or green (Forest Service) may present an obstacle to our happy hunting party….but not a conclusion. Grab your galoshes and follow me.

Hi Ho – Tujunga We Go, originally uploaded by Access Palm 2009.

.Since the loss of a million beating hearts Station Fire, the argument for ahunting seasonseems a moot point. In truth, most all recreational experiences associated with our charred mountains have been postponeduntil further noticeNone the less, it hasn’t curtailed our bloodlust here at Pasadena Adjacent. “We shall overcome” or try; trading in corpuscles for petrochemical byproducts. The loveless Ms Havisham will be in charge of the arrows and thehapless hikerhas generously supplied our party with bows (fashioned from the remains of her dead banana tree).

and when it’s time to break for “High Tea”

I’ll supply the whisky