Post and Beam Meets Field and Stream

by Pasadena Adjacent

Then: Johnson Lake 1888

Today: A Gated Community – Trespassers Prosecuted

please do select the above image: on our blog the gates open

Hahamongna, “the land of flowing water, fruitful valley”

Our Garvanza tour last left off at the steps of Rosewood Terrace. Up Ave 64 (once known as Mountain Road) and around the corner, one discovers a true laguna that once served the agricultural needs of “Church of Angel’s” founder and land owning Campbell Johnston clan. Today it belongs to Pasadena and unless your a title holder, testing the waters is considered a criminal offence. Occasionally there are exceptions; such as being a participant on season three of Dr Drew’s Celebrity Rehab. For Heidi Fleiss, her birds and other fallen celebrities, the private lake was transformed for the day intoJohnston’s Lake Retreat.

Another less personally harmful way to touch base with the sacred waters is to take a tour of the John Norton House…This is where “Post and Beam meets Field and Stream.”  Following in the tradition of the Tongva who once placed settlements along area stream beds, so have the masters of mid century modernism. Real estate agents have recently saddled the area with the bogus moniker “Laguna Road Landmark District.” Bleeech

Buff and Hensman, originally uploaded by Access Palm 2009.

The secret San Rafael stream departs Johnston lake under Burleigh Drive in a bee line towards the encased Arroyo (segment three of our tour exploring the stair cases of Garvanza). It’s existence hidden by a series of mid century moderns that straddle the creek. The first in line is the Norton House by the architectural team of Buff and Hensman. It’s on the market*. We here at Pasadena Adjacent made sure to film the bubbling brook for your viewing pleasure. Philosophical commentary by Mr V.

* It’s back on the market as of 5/21/11