Cul-de-sacs are King and Homes are Painted Cream

by Pasadena Adjacent

Who can forget the medical breakdown documented in “That Cats Killing Me”? The medication prescribed turned out to be about as effective as that Dutch boy’s thumb in the dike. Backed against the wall, I was now ready to cross the border and seek out a specialist. One willing to empty my pockets at the unusual and somewhat creepy time slot of 8:00 am on a Sunday morning.

Arriving early, we waited alone in a empty parking lot of an anonymous industrial park (“Roe verses Wade” kept crossing my mind). Add more anonymous white boxes housing other animal specialist to the scene in a land I affectionately refer to as “where the fuck are we?” Irvine adjacent look alike Tustin.

“Bad mommy” has left her charge behind in a cubicle where “said charge” is spending the week being radiated until she sends the geiger counter well beyond the toxicity level of orange Bauer ware. Upon her release she will be classified as hazmat and returned with special handling directions. Visit Tova’s tumor here

“Ground control to major Tom” < video link

Mind you, I’m suspicious of Orange County (and the vets who drive sporty Beemers and charge an extra 75 bucks for the kitty cam password).  Just as German order and efficiency can be said to produce a Hitler, so Orange County through the arts produced “The Happiest Place on Earth”. An attitude that has easily translated into an urban planning model that would go on to replace sections of Irvine Ranch with a crimeless plethora of planned communities awash in a tasteful but limited palate. All roads lead to a cul-de-sac (French for bottom of the bucket).

Untitled, originally uploaded by Access Palm 2009.

Come join our failed search for a non-chain breakfast provider

…..But a trip behind the orange curtain need  not be experienced as a quicky u-turn. No, armed with a Thomas map, McKinney’s trail guide and a full tank, there are things to do here. Again, allow me to be your guide.

For starters, how about the “Mac Daddy” of post and beam construction?

After we escaped the road closed, cul-de-sac and big box retailers scene, we concluded the day at Newport Beach. A day that wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Newport’s Lovell/Schindler beach house.

There is plenty more betwix these many concrete wonders of the great OC, but why use all my material on a single post. Our saga continues into the next post; and who doesn’t wish to witness Tova’s return?

act two: here