Tova Count Down: Atmospheric Reentry 10:00 am PST

by Pasadena Adjacent

Big Mamma cat is making tracks this morning to rescue nuclear infused Tova from her 24/7 fluorescent lit encapsulated existence

Tova thought bubble….(Please Hurry – I’m so lonely)

While Tova suffered, I took a detour to see if the surrounding territory was to my liking. I met up with the great Polish actressMadam Modjeska in front of her home “Arden” built by the notorious Stanford White. Seems Helena’s first stab at Utopia in the OC was a failure (the Anaheim Colony). Someone’s got to pick those grapes and it wasn’t going to be her. Back to Poland to restock the bank. On her return she purchased land on the west side of Saddleback Mountain range where she led me on a tour.

and I took some pretty pictures

MVI_0627, originally uploaded by Access Palm 2009.


that is, after leaving Modjeska Canyon and climbing Harding Trail to Goat Shed Overlook. Recognize blogger composer David Ocher’s music playing in the background? He may be Polish but I didn’t ask.


As for tonight’s homecoming meal: fish is on the menu. But I must warn you, if your of child bearing age you my not want to sit on my chairs for the next two weeks.