Beaudry Lake . Johnson Lake Mirror Lake . Johnston Retreat

by Pasadena Adjacent

A rose by any other name? doesn’t matter. Johnson/Johnston Lake is part of a gated community close(d) to you and me. That is unless you represent a Hollywood film production company. In that case, for a location fee you can change the lake’s name for the day, set up some chairs in front of it and “get real” with celebrities in recovery. I wish them well.

What’s that written at the bottom of the photo? “NEAR” Pasadena. That would put Mirror Lake’s location “IN” Garvanza. With that said, lets continue on with our Garvanza/Stairway tour of the Highlands.

From Beaudry/Mirror/Garvanza/Johnson/Johnston lake we make our way downstream to where San Rafael creek spills into the Arroyo. Further down the Arroyo is the smallSan Pascual auto bridge. Cross it and head west.

Off the avenue is a small dead end street named Hough. The starting point of another hidden stair way.This one is especially sweet with each riser decorated in tiles created by the children of nearby San Pascual elementary school. The hand painted tiles depict wildflowers and creatures representative of the Arroyo. Brilliant!

Hillside Stairway, originally uploaded by Access Palm 2009.

Having recovered after ascending the multiple flights of tiled deliciousness


You shall find yourself back atop the bluff of the Garvanza Highlands. An oak lined right of way leads to Ave 66. A street teeming with many gracious homes (in varying states of repair) that once represented Garvanza’s elite citizenry.Landmark #107, the McClure home.

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UPDATE: I think I’ve cracked the name game of the lake. First, it’s not a natural lake but a wetland area that was damned up for a lake. It’s true name should be Cambell-Johnston Lake with a “T” The problem being that Hiram T Reid who wrote the seminal 1895 book “History of Pasadena” dropped the T  thus rewriting history. It’s been a source of confusion since

source: Within the Vale of  Annandale Donald W. Crocker