Trash Tuesday #58: Where Getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent

Rocks and bottles: more specifically, river rocks and blue bottles.

I like the concept of asking the universe for what you want. But I usually just ask friends; they tend to be more reliable. To this end, I went forward with my heart’s desire to build a cord wood structure at the bottom of my hillside(think Grandma Prisby). Although I put out the call for blue bottles, the universe came up short. Compromised, I used the collected bottles in a wall I built with local river rock.

River rock collected from the lot above. The former site of The Virginian restaurant. I may never have dined in Virginia, but I do remember arriving at the nearby stables minutes after the owner’s sister jumped off the York Blvd Bridge. A memory that’s followed me symbolically in my paintings and now into my wall. I blame the event on menopause; an unkind condition that afflicts women.

Back Yard, originally uploaded by Access Palm 2009.

Remember reading Highlights Magazine as a child? My favorite challenge was identifying the hidden objects in a Highlight illustration. Your assignment here in the “adjacents” is to name the past Trash Tuesday items appearing in my wee video production. The winner will receive a fabulous prize (if they get their ass over to that other blog)

dbdubya: thanks for the memories/recall