U Can See Um in a Museum

by Pasadena Adjacent

but it might require a bit of travel

or maybe not

Millard Sheets of Home Savings of America mosaic fame (now Chase Banks) may not appear on the “greatest hits of Art History” list, but our native son is appearing locally at the Pasadena Museum of Kaliforia Art. A show representing his early watercolors. Palos Verdes Daily photo is a fan and so am I.  PVD kept an eye out for the museum guard so I could bring you the above photo. PVD has also posted on the subject of Millard Sheets here and here

As prolific as Sheets was, he had a little help. This mosaic is my favorite. Located on Foothill blvd in the city of Claremont. Enlarge to appreciate the detail work in the yucca.

More information on Sheets in comment thread