Trash Tuesday #62: Where Getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent

It doesn’t matter whether your in the ivy league or junior league, one thing remains equel; the self portrait assignment in sculpture I-A. We who were incarcerated in the state system had our likenesses thrown into the dumpster. Not so at my favorite “flight of fancy” local, Pomona Art College. An art department tradition began with the end of term “left behind” heads being lined on top of the wall encasing the sculpture studio. Walls can be overwhelmed, traditions can die. Our professor friend and socially savy Garvanzian neighbor Sheila called and informed us that if we wanted any (or all) to move quickly on it.

The remains of a tradition.

Another kind of tradition that refuses to go away

These are the white supremacists in that militia that planned to start a civil war in the USA. I like them in relation to the anti-classical ceramic heads” Commentor Walter L