by Pasadena Adjacent

We at Pasadena Adjacent were recently alerted to the demolition of Gino’s, scheduled to take place this week. A restaurant anchoring the York Blvd Bridge on the border of Highland Park. As beauty follows youth, the wrecking ball follows architecture. Food Blogger Susan alerted us to the closing of another San Gabriel Icon “Goodies.” Architect Wayne McAllister of Googie fame, was facing the same neglect in his advancing years. He lived in a ordinary tract home in the Pasadena Bush Gardens development. From the Arroyo Seco trail you knew something was wrong as you witnessed his house fall into disrepair; overgrown, rain gutters jimmy rigged to divert water into the pool etc. Now this is where the story usually ends badly. Wallowing in a cesspool of faded glory “said” genius finds themselves alone in a downtown flop house, a leg lost to diabetes, dying of hard drink. But not this time. Fate intervened when developers set their eyes on a Bob’s Bigboy in Burbank. This San Gabriel native (and angel) will pick up the story from here. Use the magnifying icon to enlarge the text

Divine intervention for Gino’s? (formally known as La Cantina restaurant) I don’t know. Mr V says they’re pulling out the interior woodwork as we type