Taco Treat: it’s Wack!

by Pasadena Adjacent

Taco Treat, originally uploaded by Access Palm 2009.

We’ve all heard that old chestnut “you can never go home”  I wouldn’t know, I never left. Instead, things change around me; like me. Take gastronomical nostalgia for instance. As a child I loved ketchup on Weber’s bread. Today I wouldn’t touch it. But after documenting the demolition of my former childhood haunt La Cantina/Ginos, I got a little hungry for the past. I went in search of the last remaining Taco Treat (La Cantina’s poor relation). With the help of Thomas G, and in the company of Mr V, we located our target on a barren strip at the axis of nowhere (Arcadia/El Monte). Hey, don’t be haters.

Tacos? not what they’re known for. Comfort food? not a chance. That deep fried burritos’ interior goes down hot as lava. Something I’d forgotten. Upon my first bite, liquified beans and cheese singed my taste buds beyond critical thought. Guess that means I don’t have much more to say….

But Mr V does. He says “Americans will eat anything” so I ate what he didn’t finish. Like I said “things change around me; like me” I’m rounder.

This wee video production was filmed via my I pod. Another technical gadget I’m incapable of mastering.