Trash Tuesday #67: Where Getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent

Gated communities have trash too. More then most; and Riverside county has more gated communities then most. It’s a theory on the part of Pasadena Adjacent, but we think “those” people who wish to move into a brand new home, devoid of character and ruled by restrictions, hate old things. Perhaps thats one of the legislated restrictions; throw the old stuff out. It’s plain to see, “old stuff” doesn’t comply with the mandated “faux antique” look that Home Depot/Lowes/Wall Mart seems to do so well. This mid-century glider (or maybe 70’s….no later then the 80’s ) was discovered in the community of Murietta. On a cul-de-sac  (French translation: “bottom of the bucket”).

On the poetic side, there will be palms. Lots and lots of palms.