Trash Tuesday #69: Where Getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent

I receive rejections electronically. I used to get them by mail. As of late I’ve been receiving other people’s rejections. One such acquisition involved the correspondence between a woman offering up her type written manuscript, and the many publishing companies who took a part in squelching her dreams. The title of her book “How to Type” found it’s way to me through friend Patrick via a Salvation Army trunk auction.

feel free to enlarge/increase the artist’ chance at fame

My latest acquisition of trashed ambitions came to me by way of Star Bucks via friend Beck; long story.  Perhaps I should have taken the time to listen, but instead I became the heartless critic. “Hey Ricardo Silveira, might think of retiring that Farah doo your sportin” get the picture? so I tried another tactic. One related to the DaDist concept of chance. I closed my eyes and every third CD I pulled out, used it’s title as a line in a poem. An ode to the tossed and rejected…

update: The collection has been donated to the Salvation Army. Pasadena Adjacent will receive a tax write off