The Eastside Tomato King

by Pasadena Adjacent

“The Most Famous Urban Farmer in America”

stats supplied by the Eastside Tomato King

Regular attendees of Pasadena Adjacent might remember our previous post on the Tomato King of Lincoln Heights aka Cam Slocum. A google search makes it apparent that Cam’s fame is all encompassing. Witness two LA Times articles, the latest publication here

Now Cam’s tomato field has produced a different kind of yield; “Old Fucks”  (for new bucks) gallery. And who should be the first artist represented in the inaguaral exhibition? Cam Slocum. If that isn’t enough “Cam” for you, he, along with Pasadena Adjacent commentor “Chef King Walter” are currently developing a reality show based on “Seeing Red; Confessions of the Eastside Tomato King”… or something to that effect

your Royal Highness among wildflowers off the King’s eastside farm

In Cam’s own words

“If you are famous, you are godhead and can do no wrong. What a schizophrenic attitude. It leaves out process and growth. It’s all or nothing! people wonder why there is a certain amount of P.T. Barnum schtick in my promotion of the farm and the answer is that noone will take you seriously in America anymore unless you are famous and validated by the media. What a sad state of affairs. You can’t just grow the best tomatoes, you also need a publicist to validate and vett you. I was talking to a woman the other day and mentioned my new found fame as an urban farmer and we were shooting the shit about Italy and Spain and as she was leaving she had to chime in that I was the most famous urban farmer in America for now. Just for now!”

Preview: Cam discussing the state of art with Mr V for possible inclusion in a future art show/reality episode

editors note: Doobie Brothers (not the Eagles)