Dexter: The Good One

by Pasadena Adjacent

We here at Pasadena Adjacent are always in search of one thing; new trails. Then again, we also hold favor with affordable amusements; especially in the form of cheap drinks; and especially at facilities who appear sympathetic to discretion. The added sense of danger is considered a bonus. Always. Dexter would understand. The bad one. Anyhow

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But first we like to get to know the lay of the land. In this case we’re hanging out in the El Merrie Del development; thats Merry Woods to you gringo. Back in the long ago but not so far away “day” Kagel the hermit, in front of his adobe cabin, aided by steely silence and shot gun, held interlopers at bay. But not good Dexter, or me or Mary or that Bob-Cat.

fire road accessed from Dexter Park

Old man Kagel is now dead and rumor has it that Dexter moved to Pasadena. But not before the canyon was named after the hermit and the park (and water tank) was named after it’s donor, N W Dexter. Just as Dexter managed to charm his way past the old man, so eventually would the developers. Curiously, our little “Switzerland of Amercia” never did attract the ‘better class” of people Bray development company had in mind.

Dexter Park Community Room/Center

sit a spell – shall tell

Instead Kagel Canyon looks like what Topanga Canyon must have looked like before the counter culture added that second story

Not quite red neck (Tahoe/Ram/abandoned vehicles) not exactly hippie (Prius/VW) nor biker either (Harley/vintage). A true “Hideaway” polite but watchful. Even the horses prefer not to reveal their identity.

Of course that doesn’t mean we here at Pasadena Adjacent aren’t beyond the lure of a second home. We’re attracted to a society that appreciates a good curbside find; can cook their own recreational libations, maybe even sprout a bush from a clipping.

This is our sixth visit to Kagel Canyon. I think they’re starting to like us. More to come; stay tuned.

Susan Carrier can provide directions