Road Trip

by Pasadena Adjacent

Let Pasadena Adjacent be your guide as we head off into the wilds of the beautiful Anza Borrego Desert. Buckle-up funsters.

Now that we’ve left Jacumba (previous post) and Bert Vaughn’s Hotel we can head off on In-Ko-Pah road and visit Bert’s “Desert View” Tower. Notice the crocodile left of Boots? sculpted by out-of-work engineer W.T. Ratcliffe during the depression. And yes, this could of all been yours for a pittance back in 1956.

Lets move beyond Plaster City to Anza Borrego State Park. We hear voices in the “adjacents’ that point us in the direction of hidden delights; a kind of sixth sense. Perhaps those voices are eminating from local nudist’s and self sufficient desert dwellers, Marshal and Tanya South . Possibly from the ruins of their adobe home atop Ghost Mountain. Hear the whispering? “pull over at mile 46 on Hwy S2″ where we are sure to discover an oasis of native palms up an isolated canyon. It’s been a long drive. Time to curve around the Salton Sea and visit Chef King Soupiere where I’m certain we’ll be well fed after we take Baby-Cakes out for a walk. Don’t let the name “Baby-Cakes” fool you; that pup survived the bite of a mojave green.

Our home bound stradegy is to wait out Andy Roony’s 60 Minutes diatribe, then blend into interstate 10’s mass of humanity. Namely those folks driving monster trucks and big ass RV’s; followed by carts filled with motorized land toys (the ones that tear up the desert).

Have you looked at the names applied to current model RV’s? “Rampage Avenger, Marauder, Challenger” may we add “Tortoise Destroyer”